The Journey Continues

Oh my goodness my fellow readers!!! It’s been SUCH a LOONG time since you’ve heard from me!! I missed you guys and my writing SOOO much!!!

Let me catch you guys up!

First off! I’m married now and my HUSBAND and I are now newlyweds and we’re going through this journey of life together!

We have 2 furry guinea pigs and we have to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to our new apartment EVERY.DAY.

I’m not one to say I’m overly athletic. I’m more of a couch potato if I’m honest so those stairs have definitely been a challenge. The struggle is REAL. Not kidding.

The process of the wedding planning was BEAUTIFUL but challenging because we were also dealing with health issues with my hubby.

In all truth we didn’t know the wedding was actually going to follow through because we didn’t know how fast he would recover from surgery.
He had a freak occurrence where a large cyst had to be removed from his lower back/butt. With every invitation we addressed, every payment we made, and every meeting we had with the the various aspects of our wedding, we had to go on faith that everything would pan out in time; healthy and tether free.

Wound vacuum and all he was so strong and even encouraged me to keep my head up. It was so hard seeing him having to spread eagle in front of so many people due to the nature of the wound. And to constantly explain why he wasn’t available while we had to “just continue going”. We didn’t see the healing process because a wound heals from the inside. It was very frustrating that we didn’t have the answers in “our perceived time.”

Other than OBVIOUSLY GOD, my family, my newly joined family, and my church family, I don’t have a clue how we made it. We’re stronger because of everything but obviously we’re glad that battle is finally over.

Also during that time my sweet hubby gifted me with a DNA test for my birthday and I finally found my dad’s family. That was emotionally overwhelming and beautiful. My sister and I were separated from them due to circumstances we couldn’t control when we were little kids. We had no idea where to look to find them nor did we know any of their names.

So when the pictures of our dad and us as babies as well as a TON of video chats and messages started rolling in OBVIOUSLY we both cried. My cousin read me a letter my dad wrote before he took his life and I could barely hear the words of the letter through my tears. I was then gifted with a locket of his picture that I had the privilege of fixing it to my bouquet so I could have him with me as I walked down the aisle. It was a LOT to process.

Then came time to change my name. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I waited in the government office to do my newly wed duty. I had a few questions that I had to deal with upon filling out the paperwork.

Do I just change my last name? Add a hyphen? God forbid. OR do I change my name BACK to my birth name and add my married last name???

During my discovery of finding my family, I also discovered that my birth name came from my dearly loved grandma who went through hell to provide for her kids. She lived in Golan Heights and her house was in one of the locations that got destroyed during the 1967 War…

I felt so “grounded” as I was faced with the decision. I decided to keep my adopted name and just ditch my last name for my hubby’s last name. It would have been too much for people to adjust AGAIN as to how to address me.

Once ALL of THAT was finalized, we finally moved into together into OUR FIRST APARTMENT. It has been a beautiful journey thus far.

SOO needless to say I’ve been a little busy. I didn’t know how much to write or even to write at all. But I couldn’t just keep all this joy and processing to myself. You all have stood with me since the very beginning of my writing journey and I cherish you all for it.

SO this is to say I’M BACK!!! And I’m ready to uncover everything as it comes. Because I am STUBBORN and COURAGEOUS!!!! And you are too!!!

I love you guys!!! But you already know Papa loves us more!!! *HUGS!!!!*

2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. Welcome back! I’m also trying to breathe life into the smoldering wick of my blog, only to find they’ve changed the format! Live & learn. Congrats on the wedding. Those stairs will make you and your new hubby much younger in a year or two. Blessings.

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    1. They HAVE changed the format!!! Oh my goodness I was SO frustrated upon writing this blog! Why does it have to be so complicated?? I get coding is in the up and up…. but does it really have to interfere with the genuine art of writing? I’m glad I’m not alone in my frustration. *hugs* It feels good to be back.

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