A Beautiful Time to Cry

It’s Tuesday! It’s the day after a holiday! Yaaay!! No… It is funny how a day off can make the next day feel like a “Monday”.

This past weekend had its share of adventures. A whole day of fishing while getting a massive degree of sunburns! I even tackled that mountain of laundry. Okay maybe it wasn’t all fun, but it really is the little things that count. Except for that nasty sunburn…. That hurt… And the sleepless nights from that thing wasn’t fun either…

Somehow I had a dream during one of those nights and it taught me something. Have you ever had one of those?

136a765368f7a6146e648ed581a248ddI dreamed I was crying and the tears were talking. There wasn’t necessarily anything “wrong” for me to weep, but I cried nonetheless.

Back and forth the tears spoke and the more they talked the better I felt.

I later woke up and had the urge to look up the benefits of tears. Here’s what I found.

  1. Crying is a great detoxifier.

We’ve heard of all these smoothies and detox programs that help us lose weight, but our hearts need a detox as well. 7c420cd9ceb4916ac17651e7a0db084fThrough the course of our lives, we have built up anger and fear and all the things that people tend to hide while rushing through our busy days. Over time, physically and mentally, we become toxic. We then start to “feel” it through main in other areas. My guess is maybe those toxic “fumes” could be a slight cause of Fibromyalgia, arthritis or even migraines, perhaps?  …Just a guess…


  1. Laughter is more genuine after a good cry.

I love the movie InsideOut. I tend to get a ton of my research from children’s movies. 6d635b3b1944ec23ac8b477397b8fe0fThe thing I loved about that movie is the fact that Joy and Sadness were always interacting. You didn’t have one without the other. After Sadness did her thing and allowed the situation to be felt with tears, Joy came in and saved the day. I don’t think Joy’s effect would be as great if Sadness hadn’t had a chance to work.


Maybe that’s
why babies have the best kind of laughter.


  1. Crying allows you to be more compassionate.

Crying allows your heart to be open “raw” if you will. You’re more open to how others are feeling too, after a good cry. In this narcissistic world, we live in, it’s rare we see compassionate people. It seems everyone is out for their own way. “Suck it up” is much too common as we make it through our busy days. But who sees those people in need?

Crying opens our eyes to see the world around us. It clears out the gunk so we can help those who need a shoulder.

96f28a903a0463b80abe35ea2b77eafbI’ve never seen crying as a good thing. Men, who cry are seen as sissies. Women, who cry, do so in the shower and if they are in public, they are full of apologies. Crying is seen as a waste of time. There are TONS of stories linked to why people have decided not “let it out.” The sad thing is, the longer those emotions are held, the more toxic those emotions tend to become. Let’s do us a favor.

Let’s cry a little. Let’s break out the tissues and watch the healing begin. While it might be uncomfortable at first, we’ll thank ourselves later for it.





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