New Year’s Resolution: Be You.

We’re 3 weeks into January and I don’t know you or even about you, but I know a lot of us could use a warm blanket, warm tea, and a pep talk. If I could just pull you aside a moment, I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about this beautiful new beginning. Regardless of how 2016 ended, this is a NEW beginning. And whether or not we’re ready for it, that old year has closed and a new year has begun.

I’m so ready for this year and all the new things that are in store for me. The options are endless! I mean… think about it!!

960a371ebc0896f54f61b5e2b3647b1aDo you want to learn to bake? You have a fresh new year to be able to do it! And then an entire year to LEARN about how it didn’t work out the way you planned. Many of the inventions happened in history from the mistakes people made.

I’ve got some simple suggestions on your journey to this New Year.

Challenge yourself, but don’t compare yourself.

We live in such a social world and as much as we deny it, a lot of the things we do is based on a recommendation from others- because we value the opinions of people we DON’T EVEN KNOW.

And yet you’re still reading. I feel so honored!

Instead of doing the typical resolution thing, 8f63546392107c6e07dc74c877a6b5f6I have chosen to just love me for me. Beauty is not a number on a scale.

That number has so many variables that it leaves ed2944fa59face4e9a6d216f68adc37cout the person. And I’m here to tell you, you’re more than just a number. You’ve got emotions, talents. You’ve got passions. (Unless I’m hungry… Then the only thing I’m passionate about is not knawing off my arm). Don’t focus on sizes or even numbers, focus on what is beautiful. We all have those days we feel less than who we really are. It’s in those times, we need to not listen to those negative thoughts, but chime into what Papa has to say about us. Those words can only be found in the Bible, community, and in those moments of prayer. (It’s the truth even if it may offend.)

Takeaway thought: This year, DO you. Be that courageous person only you can be and be your own champion. We tend to be too hard on ourselves anyway. And what you can’t do? You’re not meant to deal with that other stuff anyway. That other stuff belongs to Jesus and He’s a big boy- He can handle it. Be you. Because everyone needs the only you, YOU can be.

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