Keeping the main Thing the Main Thing

Oh it feels so good to be writing again! For the last two months, work life has been busy! So as you can imagine, coming back to my writing nook has been one where my heart has come before my head.  And just like an old faucet, the first couple droplets can be quite nasty, but then you get liquid gold. Have you ever been there? I’m sure we all have experienced some form of restriction in our creativity from one point or another.

Hey. Life happens!

That life looks different for each individual but it is nonetheless the same anthem. I guess when the dust has settled and everything gets washed away, I have to ask myself the most important question-

Am I keeping the Main thing the Main thing?


Because if our lives aren’t centered?

Then we’re just another lump of clay to fall to the ground.bb809f64d1f963dc84d7dbf147fc34d5

There’s a lot of “coming to nothings around us, isn’t there? (Okay, maybe a little too dark on a beautiful Friday but you get my point)….

In truth, we hold onto so many things. We work and strive to try to make our dreams and desires happen and that’s not wrong but when all of our works don’t turn out the way we thought it would obviously turn; we’re discouraged, aren’t we?

Jehoshaphat modeled that example well by saying,

“Lord, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on You.”

Paul even said, “I consider all things as garbage in comparison to Christ.”

Are our eyes on Papa? In everything?

That seems like a foreign concept in today’s culture.

My prayer is that my heart would never waver from Him being the center of my everything. And when the weight of my attentions are drawn to other things, even what might appear as good things, I pray that I would have a heart check. Let the pieces fall where they may, but let me be holding onto the One who has never failed. I think it’s time to revisit that concept and make sure it’s set in stone the foundation in which our lives are built upon.


It’s time to put the main thing as the Main thing. And then let that be our constant prayer.That nothing and no place and no one else will do- but Jesus.

He is my main Thing.







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