Surviving Christmas as an Introvert

We’re just days away until Christmas and the family will be rolling in before we know it. And if you’re an introvert, you just cringed. So what hope do we have to survive the holidays? It’s not like a Grinch lives in the house or anything! As an ISFJ personality type, it is easy to treat everyone else without thinking about my emotions and before I know it, I’m hyperventilating on the floor due to emotional overload.Sheldon.

So I have created a list on how to balance those emotions so that the holidays won’t be such an emotional breakdown while no one is looking. You’re welcome.

  1. Wake up early.

Sometimes having your morning by yourself can prepare you for when everyone else arises and this small head start can give you the break you need to keep your cool. Yes and have that cup of coffee or tea.c2de56aaa1c254faceb2b83aabb42094 Just spend time by yourself and even write in your journal with your Bible. (It is Christmas, read the Christmas story).Enjoy the sunrise. Listen to your needs and have that settled feeling before going anywhere in your day. I promise it’ll make a huge difference.

  1. Have a plan.

Are you baking something or helping cook for the Christmas dinner? Mash the potatoes. 3P7eSh5Make the deviled eggs! Great! Have that plan in your head, and then do it because after all, with a plan things are less stressful.

3. Acknowledge you’re not the 3rd wheel

This is especially important for single people. Every year my family gets together. third-wheelThey’re all married… well… except for me… I can feel outnumbered rather quickly and that overwhelming feeling is sometimes too much. If you’re invited to the party, remind yourself that you’re there for a reason-you’re wanted there. Don’t discount that truth.

  1. Be present.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your presence. This can be hard for an introvert because as soon as they look in our eyes, they have seen our souls! (Or it feels that way). Just look up from your Iphone or Android, okay?SmartPhone_child1

  1. Take breaks as needed.

“Oh look at that pretty bird outside!  I think I’ll check it out!”  Just remember to come back in!

   6. Relax your expectations.

As an introvert, my expectations can exceed what another person can provide. That usually leads to being hurt and such. It’s not that you’re going light on them. It’s just that we are emotional deep wells and some people don’t know how to swim. And that’s okay.

  1. Accept the truth that you are enough.bca4ed320b2f52a6d2f05cf40f62251d

This is sometimes hard for me. I’ll try to hard when someone walks in the room. I’m introverted, but as soon as that other person walks in, I will sometimes feel inferior. That feeling is such a lie from the enemy.

  1. Reward yourself after the party.

Yes that bubble bath with your book is included in this reward. I’ll be doing much of the same.

6357840845183328521522871451_giphy (7)


I hope this list is helpful. You can print this off and take it to the party if need be. I won’t mind. Merry Christmas my fellow introverts!

14 thoughts on “Surviving Christmas as an Introvert

  1. Great idea for a holiday post, well and wisely executed (though my spiritual reading would be more along the lines of Buddhism)! Thanks for the implicit acknowledgment that introversion is not pathological shyness or some problem to be overcome. Having an introverted nature is just fine; you remind us to gently acknowledge and respect who we are. I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on my writings. We are all wired differently. As an introvert I can be shy or I can be outgoing. I do think introverts get a bad rap as being shy or even “stuck up” but there are many sweet people who simply feel rejuvenated from spending time alone. I just think introverts have a special thing to teach us all- the beauty of simplicity. This is especially true in our over materialistic world.


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