Stronger Than Perfect Storms

It seems everywhere we turn, fear is around the corner. Gosh and every time we turn around we turn on the news the headlines get more and more gruesome. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • January 26–27 – A blizzard hits the Northeast shutting down major cities including New York City and Boston, with up to 60 million people affected.1c40a005fc07294db5d8d09597d3087a
  • February 16– The Egyptian military begins conducting airstrikes against a branch of the Islamic militant group ISIS in Libya in retaliation for the group’s beheading of over a dozen Egyptian Christians.
  • April 2– 148 people are killed, the majority students, in a mass shooting at the Garissa University College in Kenya, perpetrated by the militant terrorist organization Al-Shabaab.
  • April 25 – A magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes Nepal and causes 8,857 deaths  in Nepal, 130 in India,  27 in China and 4 in Bangladesh with a total of 9,018 deaths.
destruction in Harishidi village, Kathmandu
destruction in Harishidi village, Kathmandu
  • May 3 –Two suspected Islamist gunmen attack the Curtis Culwell Center in the city of Garland, Texas, which was holding an exhibition of drawings of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Both gunmen are shot dead by police. The Islamic State later claims responsibility for the attack.
  • May 23–25 – Historic flash flooding levels occur in Texas and Oklahoma in a prolonged outbreak of floods and tornadoes, leaving at least 17 people dead and at least 40 others missing.


July 14-The anti-abortion Center for Medical Progress releases the first of several undercover videos allegedly showing the negotiation of illegal selling of aborted fetal tissue by employees of Planned Parenthood. The videos trigger a strong months-long debate, and their validity is questioned. GettyImages-95860672-e1436893782228-640x480







July 16- A gunman attacks two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Five U.S. Marines are killed and two others are injured

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  • October 23– Hurricane Patricia becomes the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, with winds of 200 mph and a pressure of 879 mbar.
  • November 13–14– Multiple terrorist attacks claimed by the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in Paris, France, result in around 129 fatalities.


Of course the list goes on but the point I’m trying to make is we’ve never seen a terror of this proportion before. And in my opinion, it doesn’t seem real because we’ve tried to hide the severity of it by creating television shows of murder and crime and many hide their heads, pretending it’s just another show in order to cope with the terror.

Countless others have fought their silent wars and have chosen to take their own lives into their hands. The war goes on….

The searches for answers are never ending and leadership from government leaders are a constant disappointment (as if our trust was to ever be in government leaders).

There’s a book that talks about all these scary issues. In fact, it was foretold from the very beginning of time. I remember one phrase in particular, “wars and rumors of wars”. Man… that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I remember one story in this book that shook me. Let me paint the picture.


Massive waves rise and fall as this boat is battled like rag doll. The men on this boat are experienced fishermen. This wasn’t their first go around.

They knew waves and winds but this time this storm was different.

Any other sane crew would have never launched out to sea. And yet, there they were, hoping their boat wouldn’t be yet another victim taken by this fear monger.

Nothing to hold onto, they call to each other as their voices is taken in the wind. Thundering echoes taunt them as their faces are beat with the massive waves. Visions of their families flash before them in the electric skies.a3d2a631ad16b2821463126886b39811

Panic ranged throughout the boat from one heart to another and yet… there was a man asleep in the boughs of this boat.

“Wake up Jesus! We’re dying! The boat is being capsized! Jesus you have to wake up!! Don’t you care?? Why doesn’t this shake you???”

Rubbing His eyes, Jesus looked at the men puzzled at the interrogations. Softly, the words leave His peaceful lips,

“Where is your faith? Don’t you remember me telling you We’d make it to the other side?”

The King of the winds and waves spoke a single word and the storm ceased to exist.

There are many times where our faith is shaken. Bills come and go. Famine rages through our land. Still there are 365 verses that combat fear. The last time I looked at the calendar…. that looks like a verse for Every. Single. Day.


My heart breaks with each person going through something as I type this. I cannot imagine the storm that is raging through your heart. I only know one thing- there is a name above all names that causes the winds and waves to cease. His name is Jesus.

I encourage you to lift up your heart today. In our own strength, this world is TERRIFYING- but we’re not alone!!!

It’s hard not to have a panic attack-just thinking about everything that has taken place and what might happen.

Do you hear Jesus whispering in your ear in all of this though? I encourage you to let your heart settle into His peace. His perfect love cancels out all fear in spite of all fear. We live in a very broken world. We see the evidence of this every single day. God is not out to “get us”. He gives each person free will and sometimes people use that free will to hurt others. People can be soo evil when they give into their own evil desires. God is nothing like that. He is the definition of love.

He comes only to love. I don’t have the answer to any question.

Storms rage and I cannot understand why and most of the time all this is beyond my understanding.

I only know one thing in all this…..

His perfect love is stronger than any perfect storm.c4cf7eb8d1d709ed1d516ce9b55ed38e




8 thoughts on “Stronger Than Perfect Storms

  1. Such a good post! Last year there was a prophetic word given at a church I was visiting and it was about Jesus calming the storm and having His hands under the boat. Like you, I have been horrified at world events for quite some time, but the only way I could begin to function without strong anxiety was to fix my eyes on Jesus. Nothing escapes His knowledge or attention. I find peace in Him.

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  2. I stopped going to church sometime in early 2015. I’m not in the mood right now to put much trust in God. But I must say that in the midst of unending stories of terrorism, police shootings, saber rattling, war and dangers of even more war in the Middle East, your post provides needed encouragement. Taking a few moments to think about the world from a hopeful point of view can’t hurt.

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  3. Perfectly said. There was a girl walking up and down my street earlier crying and yelling at her boyfriend in the phone. She kept saying, “No! No! Please don’t Marlon!” She was saying she bought him a PS3 and some other stuff about money. I remember being that girl… Having my current circumstance, usually involving a guy, run my whole life… My emotions were 100% dependent on my relationship at the time. It was a dangerous thing. Years were wasting. And now I know the peace of Christ. I took the dog out and saw a shooting star. More yelling and crying… I went inside and began interceding for her, speaking peace over her and my neighborhood. I haven’t heard her since. Maybe there was a shift. I’m praying so. 🙏🏼

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