Can you believe we’ve reached 500 FOLLOWERS?????!!!!


I nominate this day Thankful Thursday! And to make the toast, I want to thank YOU!!!

Dear Blog Reader,

Thank you for following me with my adventures. It truly has been a journey, hasn’t it?

Honestly this was a surprise for me to open my wordpress and find this treasure nestled amongst the notifications. So thankful.

I couldn’t have done this without you. You realize that, right? It’s true!

I mean… I could write all day long but without readers, it’s nothing more than a diary. But oh how we love diaries. At least I do… more words to pen.


Reading your comments on how Papa uses my words to take your heart places you had otherwise not ventured due to fear or shame or insecurity? Your words are like gold. Thank you.

So this is to the journey.

This is for courage.2ed32b378d5802d09689267628e369be




But more importantly… Inner beauty…. Because hair and makeup can only get you so far…

And let’s not forget randomness and essential oils996a1be7a818c8c4613e4bb9a60597aa

(because I’m a closet treehugger shhhh).


This is for those who choose to take that risk and dream again.

Even if that dream is to inspire others as we make our own journey.

I don’t think there are tiny dreams…

Dreams are dreams, no matter what size they are.

There’s no fail here, remember? 74437cd89e44594e9abe78a5394c4db4

We all need those people to inspire us to be more than we could ever think we could be, at least I do anyway….

It’s all about Papa.2bc9a42e38cb7ae3066727f802a3d10f

He gives us the hope to be stubbornly courageous.

I love you guys.

But Oh how He loves you so much more…

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