She Left a Legacy

I don’t know how to start this blog so I’m going to just write. The truth is I’ve got so many thoughts running through my mind that the hamster in my head just sat down. Maybe that’s what he was supposed to do this whole time.

Rest. Good hamster.

This week has been bittersweet for my family. A good woman, went to be with Jesus yesterday. Tomorrow I fly to Tennessee to join the many her life touched. If there’s anything I can say about my principal, teacher, mentor, second mom, and and dear friend (yes… she was all that to me and so much more) it’s that she left a legacy to all who knew her.

Growing up, my sister and I spent about a year in this Christian school.

She was the principal. Every morning we would begin our day in prayer.

Then came time to memorize scriptures…. If there was something we needed, we raised our flags.

In that point of my life, I needed a strong leader. Mrs. Kim, no one could help me understand some of the hardest subjects in school…

until you taught me the basics. Thank you.

Years went on and there was talk in our small town about a singing group that brought down heaven with their voices. As a little girl, I was star struck as the voices reached the lowest lows and the highest highs.

Out of the corner of my eye, it was Mrs. Kim that took hold of the microphone and I witnessed for the first time, what it looked like to be a woman of faith and authority.312826_298594306819541_575721981_n

Mrs. Kim, It was because you spoke and sang “Go Rest High on that Mountain” that inspired me to not only live, but to reach for more.

Chapter upon chapter was written in time, and I needed someone who wouldn’t sugarcoat truth but would tell it to me straight. Kim…

I’ll never forget our talks…. Thanks momma….

I can still hear your voice through my earphones…

“you’ve already got it! Stand on the word! Believe in prayer!”12027621_10100383949439706_7742858113963964472_n

Even in each chapter of your life, when your body wasn’t feelin’ it, you still stood on the word and had the biggest most beautiful smile showing Jesus’ strength through you.

Every time I came to you, you always pointed to Jesus. Every. Single. Time.

Even in the darkest days, you still challenged all your “kids” to “have a good day in Jesus.”


All your kids knew you loved us. And boy did we love you.

It’s no question where you are as I type this.

I know where you are.

It’s because of your life, and your mentoring, you instilled in all of us “kids” the Truth.

You left us a legacy.

We’re so not empty handed.

It just hurts we can’t see you in the physical body.

But not for long….

If there’s anything I can say about you? It’s this….

You’re a prayer warrior.

You’re a spiritual mother.

You’re a powerhouse.12036586_10205259858279280_1760433206614878494_n

All because you allowed Jesus to shine through you….

Thank you Pastor Kim. Momma Kim…

Thank you for the legacy.

I hope to make such an impact as you have.


I cannot wait to see you again.

10 thoughts on “She Left a Legacy

  1. Wow. What a blessing she was to you. And you are carrying part of her legacy. How wonderful to have had such a strong witness. Your sorrow is not like that of the world which grieves without hope. Blessings to you.

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