Randomness Flows

creepy-facial-masks-ad-displayHappy Friday everybody!!! I figured since I’m in a random mood I’d post a random blog 😀

There is “no fail” around here so let’s be random, right?

So the most random thing I can come up with is a list and whatever comes to my head is what I’ll write. Let’s see if your favs are like mine. Cool?

Authors: William Paul Young, Tedd Dekker, and Francine Rivers

Barefoot or heels: I love a good pair of heels, but I’m a barefoot girl- especially when my toes are done.

Coffee: white and sweet with caramel and peppermint

Tea: Twinnings loose leaf Earl Grey with honey (and my second fav is TAZO passion tea)

Color: Deep eggplant purple. BUT I am a warm colors kinda girl. Please don’t give me anything silver. I love golds all the way! Warm colors remind me of the cozy fall- my favorite time of year!

Bird: cardinal

Writing Style: inspirational opinion, poetry, APA

Fashion style: Bohemian

Wine or beer: Wine (white, or sweet reds—I love the culture—the process if you will)

Ethnicity: Circassian/English3484fb30d1134f9297ffb83804738037

Favorite dessert: Baklava

Instruments?: Yup! I play the clarinet

Favorite secret getaways: Savannah’s Meadow (pssst it’s a lavender garden!!!) Anything including sunsets and water.

Music: Country, Americana, Worship (I love getting lost in Papa’s presence)

Bucket list item currently completing: Reading the Bible all the way through!

Next Item on my list to start: Live in the moment.

Current mind blowing revelation in this season: there’s nothing too far gone for Papa to intervene. He not only answers prayer, but He likes to do big things. Crazy things. He only asks us not to have fear and to actually have the courage to ask. He’s into that kind of stuff, ya know?

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