Miracles Still Happen

You know those times where your parents, pastor, or even best friend can tell you something repetitively and you’re in this haze but then you come to this “great revelation” of that very thing that they had told you the whole time?

Is that true for anyone else? Or is this just me?

It’s not that in the past I doubted the truth, (although some really do for one reason or another), but when it becomes real, everything changes. I guess it’s just where the light comes on and that truth gets illuminated and comes alive to us.

My pen has been on vacation but there’s been more times where I have wanted to write but couldn’t bring myself to do it because I was still mulling over my experience and how it aligns with what the Bible says about that very thing.

This past week has been particularly busy with conferences and the infamous Labor Day weekend and if I’m honest I’m still trying to recover. And on top of that, I received a text message regarding a dear friend and mentor who needed a miracle. That was this past Friday. Everyone who knew her began to pray. It seemed hopeless. Skin had already turned grey. The doctors were talking about pulling the life support. Ya’ll. The situation did not look good.

I looked at the text message and my heart was gripped and a frog grew in my throat the size of Texas. With hands shaking, I drove to work.

Even in the storm, we have to on.

Papa began to remind His kids of His promises. Job says, if you decree a thing, it’ll be established. Proverbs 18.21 says life and death are in our words!

And we had to believe God’s word above everything else!! Nothing else was going to work!

Everything we face in life brings us to 2 options:

1. Freak out

2. Trust Papa

It’s in those moments where Papa has to show up. We can’t do this on our own. Miracles happen when we operate in faith instead of fear. We believed His word to be true above everything else.

Jesus heals everyone who asked Him. Repeatedly it says in scripture, Jesus healed all their diseases.

We saw this truth become personal before our very eyes. Instead of death we experienced life. Instead of the final verdict to be hopeless, we’re shouting and crying and dancing for joy.

My dear friend is breathing on her own when the doctors said she wouldn’t make it past Friday night.

Miracles still happen.

Jesus still heals.

Prayer still works and is still working.

And yes. I’ve been crying all afternoon. All is asked of us is to have the courage to ask Papa for Big things.

But in reality? In His reality? Are they really all that big in His sight?

Be encouraged.

This has honestly changed my life.

6 thoughts on “Miracles Still Happen

  1. Hallelujah. There is nothing like seeing a miracle at first hand to convince you, or just remind you, that the truth is really true. What a wonderful thing to have witnessed. No one can argue against your testimony. Our God is really God.

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