The Long Haul

If there is anything I’ve learned about living in Texas it’s the concept of the “long haul”. And a hot summer makes the journey a blistering one.  The roads in Texas are long and flat and in my case-rocky. The summer heat takes a toll and dries out everything in sight. The journey seems to linger on with no end in sight. Unlike our winter and spring seasons- where the rains are now constant (see my previous blog- When the Drought Ends), summer has a way applying the heat to areas of growth. And when the plants go without water? Things tend to get withered.

I found this to be true this morning running passed my lavender plant. Hopefully the heat won’t scorch the poor thing.  I woke up running “late” and my commute to work seemed to take FOR EVER.

Every load truck crowded the roads and the construction sand clouded my vision.

What would seem to only take 30 minutes seemed faded in the dust storm. Maybe it has always been this long to get to my destination. Who knows?


I went into the haze as the voices on the radio pierced through the cloud.

“You’re going to go through places in life where you are not “feeling it.” And that’s okay.

God doesn’t need you to feel it or to be present in order to be working in your life. Your feelings are absolutely no indicator of God’s favor towards you. God’s favor towards you has nothing to do with you. Regardless of whether or not you’re in the Bible for 1 hour? 2 hours? Or zero. Even if that is all it is:

He is MADLY in love with you.”

Jeremiah 31.25:  I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.

I pulled into the parking lot and I just sat there… car in park…. Holding the wheel…

If you are finding yourself in that dry place I want to give you this encouragement.  Maybe you have more things that you have to get finished than can be done in a day. You don’t feel inspired much less on top of it all.  You’re plotting through life, punching time clocks, making meals, and going through the dry place. You feel like you cannot meet all the expectations that are placed on you- or that you place on yourself. Carving out time right now means losing more sleep that you are desperately deprived of to begin with.

There is good news in the dry places. Yes, even in Texas. He is there for the long haul.

Remember this verse today and remind yourself that Papa is faithful even when we are going through those dry places.

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