Boxed Promises

I love how Papa speaks to us in dreams. Many times the messages hidden in those dreams are exactly what we need to hear at that moment. Or it might be an instruction for the future. Either way, the treasures are precious. I had a dream the other night that caused me to take a step back, awakened by Love.

There in front of me stood a row of messengers. Each held an intricately designed box. Each box contained a slip of paper with a written promise. Individually the men gave me the box.

I read the beautifully crafted inscriptions.

There from the box appeared whatever was written. One by one I read the contents.

After each inscribed promise had been recited, the messengers stood on guard.

I heard Papa’s voice as the contents were plain in sight.

“Every promise declared over your life isn’t waiting to happen; the moment it was spoken it came from the future into the present.”

Needless to say I was blown away.

I’m sure you have promises you thought are hidden in some boxes of your own.

I encourage you to get out those boxes. Blow the dust of abandonment off those treasures. Speak life into them again.

I’ve learned firsthand Papa doesn’t go back on His promises.

They came into existence the moment the words were breathed through our lips.

10 thoughts on “Boxed Promises

  1. Wow! I love how daddy lets us know he is listening all the time! I was finishing a time of prayer about this very issue and I came to check ony phone for the time and came across your post! Thank you for sharing and thanks for following. 😊

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  2. “Every promise declared over your life isn’t waiting to happen; the moment it was spoken it came from the future into the present.” That is a great way to picture the prophetic…♥

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  3. This is a beautifully written way of saying what I have been realizing lately, too. I find myself thanking God by faith for what I do not yet see. I’m glad you found my blog to follow so I could follow yours 🙂 If you want the free devotional I need an email to send it to, not sure how clear that is in the follow process [this techie part is all new for me!]

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  4. Often, when I write, I enter a kind of dream state and the words pass through me. When I read what I’ve written, the message is as much for me as it is for anyone else who might happen to read it. If I come across something I’ve written down long ago, I’m often surprised to realize that I wrote it. Like a dream, the writing I created fades from my memory but the lesson God breathed into me as I wrote it remains.
    That’s my complicated way of saying “Amen” to what you also, were inspired to write.:0)

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