It is hard to believe just over a week ago I hit 200 followers….

                And now 300!!!


I am completely speechless. Well…


Papa has a way of doing things in excess, doesn’t He?

This is my thank you to every typed word and spilled drink on the keyboard. Thank you to every writer who has ever thought, “I don’t have anything else to give and yet… somehow the pen still flows. What would the world be without writers? Hopeless situations are shattered because of the writers. Because of you, my friend! May you not only read with intention, but may you be brave enough to write with the audacity that things can change, if you just believe. We’re given a mandate, Beloved.

May we always be stubbornly courageous in our adventures.

Thank you

4 thoughts on “300 FOLLOWERS

    1. Awww yaaaaay!!! I remember my first “like” 🙂 I was beaming for at least an hour 🙂
      May you take an adventure with Papa through your writing that causes a snow ball effect of “likes” and “follows.” May you also be transparent in your writing so that those who read your words can experience the same breakthrough as you.
      *raises my glass of ice tea infused with doTerra lemon and ginger essential oils*
      To the writers!!!! 🙂


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