Dare to be vulnerable.

Walk down the aisle even if it seems no one is waiting on the other side

Show empathy to those who are sinking in shame

Dare to be vulnerable.

Believe what seems to be impossible

Speak those silent prayers

Dare to be vulnerable.

Create those things that have never existed before

Run that race even if it seems no one is watching

Dare to be vulnerable

Believe Papa not only can, but wants to and will be fulfill your heart cries

Write down how you feel even if it is socially not accepted.

Ask the hard questions

Then listen for the response

Dare to be vulnerable

Walk in front of the crowd in spite of the impeding sense of intimidation

Dance the words on your heart as your toes bleed

True healing comes to those who allow themselves to be vulnerable

The world is watching

They need to see you vulnerable

It is allowing them to see us as free as they would hope to be


7 thoughts on “Vulnerable

  1. I love that line about being vulnerable …’…allowing them to see us as free as they would hope to be..’ brilliant. That’s it. If we can dare to take God at his word and live as if we have been released…imagine that….the world would be barging down the doors of the churches to get in. Thanks for checking out my blog btw!

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  2. I was attracted to your site by the words ‘Stubbornly creative’ and the first word I find on it is ‘vulnerable.’ I’m impressed. As you no obviously already know, vulnerability gives us strength. It’s a great message share, and you did it beautifully.

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