There She Is

She feels the fabric of the dress between her finger tips

All the arrangements have been set

The morning has come and the melody plays in the background

The girls get ready

Still she stares at the gown

“Just a moment”

Lace and embraced with carefully placed jewels

The veil crowns her with elegance

They’re all waiting

He is waiting

The girls help her into the dress

She cannot do this alone

It’s her day

Still the melody plays

“Just look at her”

They all gasp in pure joy

Laughter followed by tears is met with hugs and tissues

She glows with beauty

The violin takes on the essence of everything she is

No need to do anything

It’s who she is

He chooses her

She chooses him

The flower girl twirls in her tulle dress as the flower petals spill around her one more time

Ribbons and curls

“She looks just like her mother”

They embrace as the bride’s mother fixes her hair one more time.

“I’m not going to cry”

They all laugh

Flutters of joy swell and cascade as the guests take their seats

The piano keys are pressed

One by one

Slowly at first

Then they fall into one another as the swells of emotions grow

Fall in line

Each takes their bouquets

Arm in arm

Single steps

They take their place on each side as a hush fills the room

His fingers are shaking as they have been all morning

Now his heart is beating so fast

They can see it in his eyes

He waited for this moment to start their life together and she’s coming

I’ll wait right here

His best man double checks her ring

Her maid of honor clutches her treasure tightly along with the hidden tissue in her bouquet

The doors open

They all stand

Tears swell in his eyes

Hand covers his mouth

A sweet wind blows

There she is

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