The Promised Bridesmaid

“Why are you single?”

As if there’s some sort of reason. The truth is the question has passed through my mind but not in a “feel sorry for me” type of way… at least not on my good days. I just don’t really think about. Too busy.

The truth is my brother’s wedding is this Saturday and I get to put on yet another bridesmaid’s dress to another wedding that isn’t mine. Don’t get me wrong. I’m honored to wear that bridesmaid dress. I love that dress and the honor.

I’ve been standing on a scripture that was given to me over Christmas.

Psalm 138.8
“The Lord perfects that which concerns me.”

When I read that verse I felt my heart breathe. I counted it as my promise….

I decided to “date”… if you call it that… I’m starting to think it does more harm than good.

I’m not trying to be negative or asking for sympathy. I’m stronger than that.
Does being in a relationship always have to include being “weak”?

I’m not a feminist. I just want someone who cares. Someone I could let my hair down and just “be” with him. Someone who loves God with all his heart because he wants to… and not out of some sort of duty.
I got asked if I was a goody two shoes by one of the “dates”… I found that question to be rather rude actually… Does classy necessarily mean being a “goody goody”? It seems like the only guys out in a millennial world are the trashy ones. I’m speaking out of hurt and I know it.

I know better than that.

Speak what the Word says and not what I feel.

I’m just ready to be “my turn” ya know?

What will I do this Saturday? I’m going to do what any sister whose brother is getting married. I’m going to be there with the tissues and the hair pins and snacks and makeup brushes and everything else the beautiful bride might need in the “just in case” box. I’m going to make sure those tears are happy tears streaming down her face. Make sure she knows she’s the prettiest girl in the room-because she really is.

And she’s the luckiest because she’s marrying my brother.

And then after they are swept away on their honeymoon, I’m going to clean up the bows and ribbons.

I’m going to be the best sister in law I know how.
It’s what bridesmaids do…They hold to their promise.

2 thoughts on “The Promised Bridesmaid

  1. “It seems like the only guys out in the millennial world are the trashy ones. I’m speaking out of hurt and I know it.” Love your voice, your honesty, your passion. Love you. You will find your Boaz when you least expect it. 💞

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  2. My daughter and you could compare notes and share war stories. She, like you, was tired of being single. But she waited and God sent a wonderful man from a wonderful family into her life and they are expecting their first child in September. God knows what He’s doing so be patient and put your trust in Him.

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