Geysers in The City

Well… North Texas got hit with more storms over the weekend. So what happens when there’s been more rain than the land can handle? You guessed it, flooding… and in our case more flooding…

An interesting phenomenon occurred yesterday though that I never thought would be an issue:

Geysers appearing and collapsing bridges in North Texas.

Rockwall had one geyser that shot up 50 feet IN THE CITY!!

I guess all contained water emerges when the water has nowhere to go other than next to power supplies. And you guessed it. Power sources go when the rains come. It was almost humorous at the fact that no one who had worked at the water company had been there long enough to know where the original switch was located on that line. Almost. Luckily no one was hurt.

Traffic lines were rerouted as the Sunday commuters made their way home, and in my case this involved traveling to another town to go all the way around simply because my exit was completely flooded and was deemed impassable.cid6j8quaaeyoz6

It’s still hard to believe we have all this rain when we have been in such drought conditions that set the medians ablaze. While I’m thankful for all this rain,


Texas isn’t used to landslides and falling bridges.

It’s just amazing though to see the capabilities of all this rain. When the waters rise, everything washes along with it. The waters come so quick too. Just yesterday morning our road was clear, but with just a little rain now, the gushing waters swell and the roads shut down within just a couple of minutes.

I guess you just never know how dry you are until you’re soaked with rain.

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