When the Drought Ends

It’s raining again.

And while I’m ready for the rain to end and for the sun to finally come out so that Texas can finally enjoy summer, I am blown away (hopefully not literally) by the fact that all this rain is an answer to prayer.

For the past 8 years, Texas has been in a severe drought. One summer we even had brushfires along the roads. Ranchers had to sell their livestock because they had little to no hay to feed. Our lakes were dried up and the little waters we did have were evaporating.

Lakefront landowners and businesses watched in horror as the crowds diminished and their property values plundered. Harbors dried up and lake ferries drivers that once took their passengers on tours around the area had to move their location and some even had to close up shop. It was a very sad and scary season for many people. We didn’t know if the lakes would still be there much less come back.

It was discouraging and even scary.

A sound was heard as the prayers rumbled the heavens. Soon It begin to rain.

Drip by drip many of us realized our prayers had been answered. I love how when a prayer is answered it is always more than what was originally thought.

It’s always more than what can be handled. It’s been raining for days now and every time I start to move my car out from what was once my driveway is now almost quicksand. The harbors are now full and some of the dams have reached their capacity. Some have even broken under the pressure of the water.

I’ve been noticing some interesting headlines with all of this though.

Since we’ve been in this drought for this long, the debrisΒ  from barrenness has taken it’s toll.

But as the waters rise, so does he debris. The sands shift and the hardened dirt becomes mud and when the water touches it, everything becomes soft and whatever was lodged in the cracks floats to the top of the water.

No excavating is needed. And while it’s easier to pass the blame as to who the mess belongs to, one shouldn’t be surprised because I would imagineΒ  there are some effects of barrenness.

8 years is a long time to be in a drought.

And all the while a clean up crew is often summoned to skim the tops of the water. But underneath? A little muddy from the dirt being now lifted. It’s mind blowing how all this is done just so the land can be fruitful again. Sometimes it takes a little bit in order for the land to bare fruit. It needs time to heal.

Or a strong refreshing downpour will do the trick. In just this month I think it has rained nearly everyday or close to it. Houston and Austin are both underwater to name a few.

No one said being healed wouldn’t be messy…. but ohhh for the land to be able to breathe…. It makes it all worth it…. It’s raining again…. Can you hear it?

The drought has ended… Now for it to dry up a bit for our gardens to grow.

Who is gonna pray with me?

I think I’ve learned this on a practical level: Prayer works.

22 thoughts on “When the Drought Ends

  1. So happy to hear the Texas drought is finally at an end. In these times of global climate change it seems we can no longer depend on natural cycles but must more and more depend on divine intervention. May God bless your prayers and those of others affected around the world. Blessings!

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  2. What a moving tale . . . I relate deeply to this one. Here in New Mexico we’ve been officially in drought since 1996. This year has brought the end, although, being the desert, we’ll likely cycle through many more droughts. But, for now, I’m feeling thrilled and blessed!!
    I love the name of your blog, and, want to thank you for visiting Mocha Muse and leaving a like. It’s much appreciated!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ I speak life and healing to your land. Healing waters flow. Rain Come in Jesus name. The drought will end. Abundant rains will heal the land. Refreshing winds will kill the bareness. Rich harvest with more crops than you can imagine. Get ready πŸ™‚ It’s going to be good. Bless you sis.

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              1. It never rains in southern California in the summer and it has been raining all day and now it is POURING!!! Glory to God!!!! I was praying for the USA this morning and a huge loud thunder clap startled me as I spoke the prayer out loud. It hardly ever thunders in San Diego area! Amazing Grace! Awesome Goodness and Power!!!! I LOVE you God!!!!!!!!

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