There comes a time when a decision has to be made.

Do I stay in the current situation and be miserable?

Or do I take the risk and fly?

There is no fail.

Even if I fall flat on my face, what is the worst that could happen?

I choose not to entertain that thought any longer.





I’m done with the hesitation.

I’m not going to always have everything together.

And that is okay.

There is no fear.

Courage is not the absence of fear.

Courage is running towards the fear dragon and cutting off his head.

I’ve heard the saying, “Good things happen to those who wait.”

I’m starting to believe that to be a lie….

Waiting is a missed opportunity.

Not everything is going to fall into place if there is no action on our part.

Expecting different results while doing the same thing is the definition of insanity.

Risks are to be taken.

Courage is to be experienced.

Great stories never happen to the one who has never taken a risk.

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