Lessons from My Lavender Plant

There is just something about a piano playing music in the background that settles your thoughts. While thinking is good for the brain, sometimes not thinking about anything is just as splendid.

Sometimes I’ll admit to thinking too much. This past week was engulfed in paper work and I think I made the work more stressful than it was originally intended. It’s in moments like that where thinking isn’t necessary. Work out of necessity and not out of need (or whatever). My duty plate was free today. No deadlines. Not yet. It is in those moments where the mind is so conditioned to being pushed that it almost has to come down from the high of the adrenaline. That is easier said than done. Why can’t most people just….relax? And take it easy? Do most even know how? It’s like most are looking for the next thing instead of being content with whom and where they are… I guess this statement is more true to me than I’m willing to admit out loud… Content being single? Maybe today I am? Uhhh more like maybe tomorrow…

Just the other day I bought a lavender plant. I already use my doTerra essential oils and I’ll admit to being slight hippy about it…. I love my oils and doTerra.  If I’m honest, I love anything organic and hippy stores are my kryptonite

(Other than my local garden lady {I love you Wanda} Earthbound, Savannah’s Meadow, World Market, and Natural Grocers are just a few of my favorites).

I guess the plant’s purpose was to just be present in my room as a constant reminder to just….relax… The plant can’t do anything, except provide a calming fragrance for me. I won’t use her blooms until the plant is much older. They are much too vital to the plant’s growth. For now, the plant’s purpose is to enjoy the sun and wind and refreshment. For now the plant is single. Yet she is not alone. Even though she is one plant, there are many stems. And look, there are many blooms in her future. She is content… I think…

I guess I could use some lessons from my lavender plant…

2 thoughts on “Lessons from My Lavender Plant

  1. I love doTerra oils also – and especially the lavendar. I put it on after a bath and remind myself to “relax.” Think we all need a reminder nod and then to relax and not be in such a hurry. Thanks for that reminder.


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